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Big B

     My name is Brittney Smith. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington. After visiting Houston several times with family and friends, I fell in love with the City and made it my home in 2014. Cooking and catering has always been my passion. I have well over 10 plus years of cooking. Although my desire to cook started early on, Big B’s Philly was officially developed in 2021. The creation was developed from my desire to find the perfect traditional Philly Cheesesteaks. After multiple failed attempts of finding the perfect Philly in the Houston area, I put my passion to the test. I received several compliments and encouraging words from family, friends, and my community after a taste test from my home. There wasn’t a better time to start a business and share my passion with the world!

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The winning combination of passion and creativity Big B’s Philly Sandwiches capture the flavors of the East meeting the South. Big B’s is unique in that the foundation of our sandwiches is organically Philly-styled with a twist of creativity that matches the Texan spirit of independence. It’s the same Texan spirit of independence that became the driving force behind my menu of sandwiches.  We want customers to taste the difference, the quality, and the passion in every sandwich.  The meeting of the East and the South will take your take buds on a journey.

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